Low Level Card selection

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Low Level Card selection

Post by grishnakh99 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:18 pm

Hey everyone,

A common question low level players struggle with is "What card packs should I buy?"

At first, i was firmly in the camp of "Gold, all the way". Now I'm not so sure. THere are many effective Uncommon and Common cards out there for low tier players to get and use. For the price of one Gold pack, (1 Rare, 2 uncommon, 3 Common) you can get 25 Bronze Packs (150 Common cards).

I think for new players, I would recommend Buy 5 Bronze (or even 10 as they're so dirt cheap) and then get 5-10 packs of Silver. Then Gold all the way.

I mean, with Hatchets and Asylums, you can roll a lot of more powerful decks.

What are other's thoughts? What would your advice to a new player be?

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Re: Low Level Card selection

Post by jordonrnewport on Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:11 pm

Hmmm you throw a few good points about the packs but I still would have to say is stick with the gold for the most part yeah buy a few bronze to start with and like maybe 2 or 3 silver to get it rolling..

But then go strait to gold!!

I might be saying this just b/c i'm lucky and usually get cards i want tho


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