Low Level Strategy (lvl 1-10)

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Low Level Strategy (lvl 1-10)

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:25 am

Hey Everyone,

So I thought I'd put a quick topic together that I'll be adding onto about low level strategy.
Now, couple of assumptions:
1) I have no idea of what additional cards people may pickup, so this will be a very general overview.
2) I will base my ideas on cards that are easily accessible, or that people can pickup easily.
3) I will put a Star (*) beside anything I consider a top card at lower levels.

For anyone that doesn't want to read a lot of text:
Buy 5 Bronze, 5 Silver, then Gold packs (assuming you're just starting out)
Get 100 Arena points, buy 6 or more Sawblades. Use with Thadius. Sprinkle with Bazooka Marines, and you have yourself an effective deck.

First, at later levels, decks are based around ideas. For example, a rush deck, which attempts to overwhelm an opponent with assault units that quickly phase in, supplemented with cards that boost the smaller units or remove troublesome units. At low levels, your choices are fairly limited. So what I'll do, is run down a list of cards that will be staples and why they are staples:

Mission 3: Hyperion Prototype: 1/2/1 Armour1, Pierce1
Anything with armour is good at very low levels. If your opponent has a less attack than your armour, you are effectively invincible.

* Mission 11: Bazooka Marine 1/2/1 Anti-Air1, Pierce1
Flying enemy units can be annoying. Anything not flying, and without anti-air, only has a 50% chance of hitting them. With some bad luck, an enemy flying unit can decimate you. Bazooka Marines come into play fast, and do 3 damage to flying units (4 with Thadius). This is enough to take out many flying units in one hit, and 95% in 2 hits.

* Mission 11: Devastator 1/1/1 Armour2, Strike Raider 2
Awesome against Raiders. Not so good against anything else.

Mission 14: Cerebrus 1/2/0 Flying, Heal Imperial 1
Good synergy with other imperials that don't die in one hit. Good in a rush deck.

* Mission 17: Thadius
Thadius is where your deck improves a lot. He gives +1 Rally to an Imperial, which may not seem like a lot, but it helps maintain board control early.

* Mission 17: Quad Walker 3/5/2
Good imperial to get. The slower phase in can be a problem, but the extra hitting power is nice.

Other units that are good, independent units are:
Scorpion (against Bloodthirsty only)
Aquabat (situational; only use him for his Seige and protect him with other units)
* Harbour Command (bring this out once you've established board control)
* Sidoze
* Hatchet
Tremor Hunter
* Xeno Mothership
* Arc Trooper
Cannon Walker (very situational; against heavy air decks, or when it's a mix of air/buildings, it's good. Otherwise, leave it at home)
* Xeno Interceptor
* Rifter

Store buys:
* Sawblade. Takes 100 arena pts to get him. Buy 5 or more of him ASAP and use with Thadius.

Buy 5 Bronze packs, then 5 silver packs, then just Gold packs at low levels.
Later, when you don't have difficulty going through the missions, save 20k for Gold Pack Tournaments. Always choose gold pack tournaments over gold packs.

Immortal Achievement:
Not the best card, but easy to get. Take anything with Armour 1, and have it as your only card in Mission 1.

* Fighter Jet:
Depending on the cards you have, fairly easy to get.
Play just common cards (Black) on Mission 28. Fighter Jet is an excellent card.

You get this guy for 50 Loyalty Points (winning 50 fights in faction battles, offence or defence). Good card, horrible vs Armour.

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