Help - Mission 32

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Help - Mission 32

Post by SweetCherryPink on Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:32 pm

What cards should I use to get past mission 32?
They dont die easily.

My cards: Thadius, quad walker, hatchet, jet trooper, monstrosity, terminator, ravager, blitz armor, immortal, reaper, arc trooper, bloody mary, exosoldier, tempest, bazooka marine, vampire, bonestalker, carbine, dracus wyrm, flameguard, speculus, sawblade, cybertron, sidoze, scorpion, piranha, tremor hunter, ion strykers, shock grunt, aquabat, harbour command, abomination, sanguiphage, mirror wall, pelican, freddie.

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Re: Help - Mission 32

Post by grishnakh99 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:48 am

Hey Cherry,

We have a section here called "mission Help", post your Mission questions there next time Wink

This opponent shouldn't be TOO hard.
The biggest issue is that the commander has Heal 2. So you have to kill his guys in one shot, or do at least 3 damage a round to them.

He has 4 units that have health 2, and they're all non-flying, so Sawblade should handle these.

He also has Xeno Forcefield (a wall) and a card that does Strike 2, Weaken 2. Neither of these you have to worry about.

The cards you do have to worry about are:
Xeno Interceptor 4/4/3 Flying
Pheonix 2/6/3 Flying, Regenerate 2
Tyr's Hunter 3/6/4 Weaken All Imperial
Daemon 4/5/3

So two Fliers, and 2 ground. All Xeno.

You want high-damage troops. So I'd go with:
Sawblade x2
Ravager (Attack4)
Immortal (attack 4)
Terminator (attack 4 vs Air)
Bazooka Marine (Attack 3 vs Air)
Quad Walker
Harbour Command
any 2 cards with strike or rally, like Barrage Tanks.

The idea is to remove his little units with Sawblade, then play bigger units, then put down Barrage Tanks. A good opening would be something like:

Sawblade, Harbour Command, (then, depending if he puts down a big or little unit), another Sawblade, and larger cards to deal with his cards. If you put down Sawblade and he puts down a big flyer, put down something with AntiAir next.

You should let us know what Rare cards you have Cherry. It'd make it a bit easier! If you don't know how to see your rare cards, let me know.


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