Mission 38

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Mission 38

Post by grishnakh99 on Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:00 am

Commander has Heal 2.
2 Units have a 1 Phase in
2 have a 2 Phase in
3 have a 3 phase in
2 Have a 4 phase in.

With Heal 2, you should focus on high output damage. His fast phase in units only have 3 health, barring the Dominated Hatchlings, so 3 damage will kill them outright (Thadius + Sawblade).

Three of the nine units have flying, so you'll want some anti air.

Quick look through your cards, I've highlighted some cards I think will do well. However, I don't know what else you have so it's hard to recommend a deck.

I would either go Imperial or Imperial/BloodThirsty mix. top cards I think are:
Commander: Thadius or Malort
Asylum, Apex, Vigil, Chronos, Gravity Tank, Hatchet, Drac Queen, Chimera, Aegis, Vampire, Bazooka Marine, Sawblade, Revolver.
Terminator and Xeno Mothership would also be good.

How many do you have of the following:

If you only have 1 of each I'd probably go all Imperial. If you have 2 hatchets, 2 Vampires then I'd go with Malort.

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