Current war deck design

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Current war deck design

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:14 pm

Thread to have your current offensive deck in the current war. Use it to ask questions.

Here's a deck for Mor even though the war will be over when he wakes up.

Effective deck

Petrisis enfeeble 1

Key cards:
-if you had omega I'd put him in too. With enfeeble 1, Tiamat and Predator can do 5 damage right off the bat to an enemy unit (assuming no armour/protect/evade)

Mid range cards:
Patrol Cruiser 4/6/4 Refresh, Weaken all raiders - good anti-atlas. He didn't seem like he had enough strength to take this guy out.
Fury Walkers x2 - minimum 4 damage, (assume enfeeble)
Ranger - good anti hatchet
Brawler - Stronger than he seems. 4/4 with a 2 phase in, only 1 toughness less than skimmers.
Death from above - extra point of damage has good synergy with Brawler, Fury Walkers.
Plague: enfeeble all 1, strike 3 - Like an airstrike, with enfeeble all 1. Awesome.

Relinquish power
Dominated Hatchling - could sub him in for Patrol Cruiser. Much fast phase in, but no guarantee he'll survive.


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