Enclave Tourney

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Enclave Tourney

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:05 pm

I'd like help building a deck for this Enclave Tourney. I always fare poor in the Enclave environment, but people say you can make competitive decks...

List of cards:

Assault (from fastest to slowest to phase in):
Shiver, Speculus, Tainted Blade, Tremor Hunter, Blood Spout, Tarantula, Razor Hawk, Spectre, Dracus Wyrm, Xeno Interceptor, Pheonix, Enclave Warlord, Revolver, Tremor Wyrm, Scavenger, Enclave Arbiter (2), Tyr's Hunter (3)

Ryoko, Dementia


Glorious Assault


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