Mission 51

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Mission 51

Post by grishnakh99 on Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:05 pm

This one is for Kayden.

Enemy Deck:
Raider Commander (Heal Raider 2, Jam)
HydroBlade 1/3/1 counter 2, antiair 1
Cannon Walker 1/5/1 Siege 2, Antiair 3
Fury Walker 1/4/2 Rally Riader 2, Flurry 1
Pelican 1/6/2 Flying, Siege 2
Havoc 3/4/2 Pierce 2, Leech 3
Colossus 2/5/4 Evade, Counter 2
Goliath 3/3/4 Armoured 3, Heal Raider 2, Rally Raider 2
Vorpal Tank 2/7/4 Flurry 1, AntiAir 2
Tesla Cannon 4, Wall, Strike 3, Jam
Earthquake Generator 3, Strike All 1, Siege All 1

Ok. Most of his units have 4 or more health, and the Raider commander has Heal. 3 out of 8 units has Anti Air, so don't bother taking flying units unless they're really good. To beat this deck, I would go for high Damage units. You don't need siege, as his structures are both walls, so take all units. Flood the board with them.

So I would take No structures, and High attack units. He doesn't really do anything to control the board, so you should be fairly safe with anything phase in of 2.

A commander with Rally, either Thadius or Sidoze.
Fury Walker x2 - Fury walkers are amazing. Use em.
Arc Trooper
Xeno Interceptor (flying, so somewhat of a liability)
Rifter (again, flying, but with both of you going for slowish decks, Strike all 1 + poison is great).
Devastator x2

That should give you a good starting point for a deck. You should post up your Rares/Uncommons so I can help you more...

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