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Anrika's Decks

Post by Anrika on Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:55 am

Currently thought Mission 41. Fighting the Invasion Missions now.

Rares: Sidoze, Cannon Walker, Arc Trooper, Smog Tank, Hatchet, Chaos Wave, Death From Above, Sand Crawler, Hydra, Jey Trooper, Infected Trooper, Invasion Coordinator, Xeno Mothership, Rifter, Phantom, Xeno Interceptor

Imperial Deck:

Thadius (Imperial)(0 Att)(12 HP)
Rally Imperial 1

Quad Walker (Imperial)(3 Att)(5 HP)(2 turn delay)

Reaper (Imperial)(2 Att)(5 HP)(4 Turn delay)
Heal All Imperial 1

*Revolver(x2) (Imperial)(2 Att)(4 HP)(3 turn delay)
Regenerate 2
Strike Xeno 2

**Chaos Wave
Heal 2
Strike 2

Sawblade(x2) (Imperial)(2 Att)(3 HP)(1 turn delay)
Pierce 2

*Artilary Encampment (Raider)(0 Att)(5 HP)(2 turn delay)
Strike Xeno 2

Jet Trooper (Unique Imperial)(3 Att)(2 HP)(2 turn delay)
Heal 3

Regeneration bay (Imperial)(0 Att)(4 HP)(1 turn delay)
Heal All Imperial 1

***Marksman(x3) (Imperial)(1 Att)(6 HP)(3 turn delay)
Strike Raider 2

* = Cards that are not always in the deck, currently using it for my missions against the Xenos

** = Cards I'm considering replacing

*** = These take the place of the Revolvers and the Artillery Encampment against Raiders


My anti-Raider Deck, The main point of this one is my Sawblades make an early stand and a strong fighting force right off the start if I can get them, and it helps me to overwhelm their numbers quickly, while they are delayed, sawblades take them out. Then basically, Add in Marksmen, even if the sawblades die, Marksmen stand for a good amount of time because of their High HP, and once their delay is up, strike 2 every turn is a nice bonus when fighting Raiders, and having multiples of them really helps as well, all while I use Regeneration bay and the Flying trooper to keep them alive, as well as the Chaos Wave while waiting either for their Delay's, or if they are dead/destroyed, or not yet playable and I'm in a bind. Eventually overwhelm them to the point where it is safe to pull out cards like the Reaper with a high delay time.


Raider Deck:

Duncan (Raider)(0 Att)(10 HP)
Rally Raider 1
Siege 1

Foundry (Raider)(0 Att)(4 HP)(1 turn delay)
Heal Raider 1

Tremor Hunter (Raider)(2 Att)(1 HP)(2 turn delay)
Armored 3
Jam Xeno

Shock Grunt (Raider)(4 Att)(2 HP)(3 turn delay
Rally 1
Siege 2

Cyclone (Raider)(2 Att)(2 HP)(1 turn delay)
Jam Imperial

Scorpion (Raider)(3 Att)(3 HP)(2 turn delay)
Jam Bloodthirsty

Sand Crawler (Raider)(4 Att)(4 HP)(4 turn delay)
Counrter 2
Weaken All 1

Combat Specialist (Raider)(1 Att)(2 HP)(2 turn delay)
Heal Raider 1
Antiair 1

Blitz Armor (Raider)(3 Att)(3 HP)(3 turn delay)
Heal Raider 2
Strike All Imperial 1

*Cybertron (Raider)(2 Att)(4 HP)(3 turn delay)

Hydra (Raider)(2 Att)(2 HP)(2 turn delay)
Armored 2
Siege 2
AntiAir 2

* = New addition, not sure about it quite yet...

So, This deck is primarily my Anti-Bloodthristy Deck. Starting off, Tremor Hunter is a dream come true for starting cards, only 1 HP, but unless your opponent manages 4 attack or a pierce hit before you get your shot off, this thing is nearly indestructable, not so great with it's Jam, but if I ever forget to change decks, it's there Razz. From there, my deck primarily focus' on overcoming the enemy with assult cards that focus on Rally, Siege, and Armored. Armored to help them last, Siege to take out that pesky Asylum, and Rally to give me a huge edge on those High HP Bloodthirsties that never seem to die because of that damn leach. Another good thing, Leach doesn't work if they can't break your armor lol. The main thing that makes this an Anti-Bloodthirsty deck, so that so far in my workings with my own bloodthirsty deck is that most of them are anti Imperial effects (Guess what I use my Bloodthirsty deck for? Razz ) making the raiders go nearly unnoticed by them.


Bloodthristy Deck:

Bloody Mary (Bloodthirsty)(0 Att)(11 HP)
Heal Bloodthirsty 1

This, is my set defense deck because I notice alot of people like to use Imperials, this is my Anti-Imperial Deck.

Blood Wall (Bloodthirsty)(0 Att)(5 HP)(2 turn delay)
Weaken All 1

Moloch(x2) (Bloodthirsty)(1 Att)(3 HP)(1 turn delay)
Heal 1
Weaken 1

Blood Grunt (Bloodthirsty)(3 Att)(1 HP)(1 turn delay)
Pierce 1

Brood Walker(x2) (Bloodthisty)(1 Att)(3 HP)(2 turn delay)
Rally All Bloodthirsty 1
Strike All Imperial 1

Gore Crawler (Bloodthirsty)(3 Att)(6 HP)(4 turn delay)
Siphon 3

Bonestalker (Bloodthirsty)(2 Att)(4 HP)(2 turn delay)
Weaken Imperial 1
Leech 1

Blood Spout (Bloodthirsty)(1 Att)(5 HP)(2 turn delay)
Heal All Bloodthirsty
Leech 1
Siphon 1

*Infected Trooper (Unique Bloodthirsty)(4 Att)(6 HP)(3 turn delay)
Crush 4

*New to the deck, not sure about it yet, but it sounds bitchin'!

My favorite deck thus far, my anti Imperial, rarely take a loss on this one, the basic point of this one, is to get those Brood Walkers out early and in front, the more you've got behind them, the more that get the rally, and if their behind both of them, they get double rally, not to mention the hit to every enemy imperial every turn by both of my brood walkers, this deck is dependant upon them and that rally, so the plan is to get a brood walker out in front, defend it with a Moloch behind it, giving the moloch a bit of an attack boost as well as the moloch keeping the walker alive, the Moluch weakening it's next victum, sometimes killing it. After you've got that line of Walker, Moloch, Walker, Moloch, you start stacking in your heavy attackers, My Blood Grunt for example, can't take a hit, but it can sure as hell give one, and with double rally behind it, you can bet he can give one hell of a hit. Now, if you don't get a good defense on your walkers or can't get one in the first hand, chances are you'll still end up with a bonestalker, this guy is nearly indestructable unless you can down him in one hit, with bloody mary's heal, and it's leach, it can heal two points in a turn, and with all the weaken in the deck, your opponent isn't likely to even be able to do, 2 damage in a turn, so he can keep a good standoff going for several turns until you can get the card you want. Then lastly, the ultimate meatshield, Blood spout, with mary's heal, plus the heal all on Bloodspout, the leach, this card can gain 3 HP a turn, and with al lthe weaken on the field, again, it's not likely, plus everytime you leach from an opponent, he siphons at the same time, so if your commander takes a cheap shot, Bloodspout and Gore Crawler can fix it up easy enough Wink


Xeno Deck

Invasion Coordinator (Xeno)(0 Att)(12 HP)
Rally Xeno 1
Siege 1

Glorious Assault (Strike)
Rally Xeno 2

Xeno Forcefield (Xeno)(0 Att)(3 HP)
Regenerate 3

Apex (Legendary Xeno)(2 Att)(4 HP)(2 turn delay)
Rally Xeno 1
Leech 2

Monstrosity (Xeno)(3 Att)(7 HP)(3 turn delay)

Chimera (Xeno)(4 Att)(3 HP)(3 turn delay)
Counter 2

Speculus (Xeno)(1 Att)(4 HP)(1 turn delay)
Heal Xeno 1
Mimic Imperial

Xeno Interceptor (Xeno)(4 Att)(4 HP)(3 turn delay)
Pierce 2

Phantom (Unique Xeno)(1 Att)(7 HP)(3 turn delay)
Poison 3

Xeno Mothership (Unique Xeno)(1 Att)(5 HP)(4 turn delay)
Rally All Xeno 2
Strike 2


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Re: Anrika's Decks

Post by grishnakh99 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:58 pm

Try a deck like this (may have to tweak it):

Invasion Coordinator
+ Xeno Mothership
+ Xeno Interceptor
+ Phantom
- Key cards, all excellent.

Chimera - High damage for those righteous decks
+ Blood Grunt - Grunt is good for board control. Get him out early, have 3 attack.

Cannon Walker
- comnbined with your innate seige, should be able to take out some of that Atlas deck.

Some Fast Xeno units would be useful here too, unsure what you have. Fast to phase in...


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