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Sethinator's Info

Post by sethinator on Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:27 pm

Level: 16
Mission: 66
Energy: 120

Current Decks
Deck 1 - Rush, Imperial Deck (mostly) based around Thadius
Thadius, Hachet x2, Aquabat, Sawblade x2, Air Strike, Apex, Bazooka Marine, Arc Trooper x2.

Deck 2 - Raider, based around Sidoze
Sidoze, Artemis Tank, Power Generator, Grunt, Cyclone, Saw Tank, Chopper, Tremor Hunter, Marauder, Cannon Walker, Command Centre.

Deck 3 - Xeno based
Vyander, Fury Walker x2, Rifter, Xeno Mothership, Enclave Champion x2, Chimera, Piranha, Xeno Interceptor, Hydra.
(Note: deck needs fine tuning after changing commander, currently using for mission ~51.)

Significant Cards
Legendary - Apex, Benediction
Rare - Infected Trooper, Vyander, Sidoze, Howitzer, Aegis, Plague Duster, Zerber, Xeno Interceptor, Jet Trooper, Daemon, Cannon Walker, Arc Trooper x2, Hatchet x2, Contaminant Scour x2, Hydra, Enclave Champion x2, Xeno Mothership, Rifter, Mend Wounds x3, Irradiation, Pandemic, Airstrike, Death from Above, Missile Silo, Command Centre, Phantom.

Current Issues
Any advise would be good, aims, key acheivements, good cards that I have that I should base another deck around etc. I'm still a noob so any help is appreciated.

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Re: Sethinator's Info

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:45 pm

Hey There,

Some of your best key cards are:
Apex - General purpose, but he's pretty much a 3/4 flyer that heals himself
Enclave Champion (provides Xeno Siege which they are lacking in, depends who you're fighting)
Aegis is excellent in decks that are designed to get our larger units
Xeno Mothership you should definitely have in your Xeno deck. It's such a good card.
Air Strike is a great card. I would include that in any rush type deck.
Hatchet's are awesome, but currently you're using them right as far as I know; later you'll get some booster cards.
Phantom is pretty good, but is weak vs. Armour. With poison 3, you can basically think of him as a stronger 4/7 unit that is weak vs. Armour.

Deck 1, drop the Barrage Tank. Add in one of the following: Apex, Aegis, Air Strike.

Deck 2: Unsure. Something looks off, but I'll get back to you when I have a stronger internet connection (piggy backing off a free one that is distance...)

Deck 3: Definitely put in the Mothership. It's slow to get out, but it is Rocking. You have multiple large units in this one, I would also try to get Aegis in there. So you could drop, for example, Phantom then Aegis. Phatom to take the hits, Aegis to hopefully get out there and start healing.

Also, you're doing whwat I did in the beginning: Putting all Xeno cards in a Xeno deck to take advantage of Heal 1, or Imperials in an Imperial deck. If Thadius is boosting one Imperial, he's doing his job. So you can throw in cards like Apex, Phatom, etc. Whatever you're lacking.

Looking good!


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Thoughts & Tips

Post by Bahamut685 on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:05 am

I'll address some of your rares by general usefulness, then deck tips, then other tips...
Apex - can be very nice (especially in a deck with at least 2 other Xeno), weak to anti-air and other fliers
Benediction - can be a terror to your enemies with rally all righteous 2 & jam, slow to start up, but has a lot of health to help survive, try not to place it first, but also try to place it before one or two other righteous (preferably ones with Tribute to make Benediction a destroyer)
Phantom - great in theory, but MUST have rally to overcome armor, and make sure it's great poison gets through
Hydra - simply amazing, only weaknesses: strike and pierce, but siege/armor/anti-air 2 is an amazing set of skills
Enclave Champion - solid card IF grouped with some other Xeno
Infected Trooper - get it to last through it's wait time, and it'll be great... crush 4 + immobilize for anything it doesn't kill = nice combo
Aegis - spectacular addition to any deck because of heal all + armor
Xeno Mothership - SLOW to get going, weak to anti-air, low health (for 4 wait), but if it gets active, your enemies might cry
Zerbur - slow, but 'Payback' means if he's hit with strike or weaken or enfeeble or jam, 50% chance he'll counter with the same EVEN IF HE ISN'T ACTIVE YET(!)
Plague Duster - can be useful for raider missions that aren't heavy on anti-air, otherwise just a trophy to sit on your shelf
Airstrike - can change everything, but risky in a defense deck (AI will play action cards immediately, even if the enemy has no assault cards out)
Mend Wounds - see above, though less useful if most of your cards have low health or you have Aegis in
Irradiation - same as Airstrike
Containment Scour - not strong, but survivable siege unit, that's decent against BT (if it follows Benediction it'll get plenty strong
Pandemic - same as Airstrike
Death from Above - same as Airstrike
Command Centre - slow, but still great, counter + rally all raider 2 with good health for a wall means it can turn a battle just by surviving to be active for a round or two
Hachet - Excellent card, weak to anti-air, but with asylum or a BT commander they should usually be dead before they're a problem
Jet Trooper - will instantly die to ANY single attack by an anti-air unit (or 2 points of strike), but decent in the right deck
Arc Trooper - great card, even better if paired with Imp. commander and/or some source of healing (or weakening)
Sidoze - Duncan may be a better choice, except in Xeno missions
Cannon Walker - possibly one of the best siege cards
Xeno Interceptor - great card, watch out for anti-air
Rifter - great potential, just avoid playing it too early & getting shot down, or too late & not getting to use abilities

Deck 2
Only use Sidoze against Xeno, otherwise Duncan's preferable (if available)
You could consider replacing the Artemis Tank with one of the following: Hydra, Aegis, Death From Above, Irradiation, Pandemic

Deck 3
Replace Malort if you have ANY Xeno leader, or else if you have Ryoko, if no Xeno or non-type specific ability is available, then Malort's fine
Piranha's 1 health could be a problem, so you could replace is with any of the cards mentioned for deck 2, or with Rifter/Xeno Interceptor/Zerbur/Apex if you want to keep the Xeno scheme solid

Current Issues
Defensive decks are generally something you just feel around to see what feels right, what you like, and what works well.
Some Achievements with nice card prizes you may be able to do:
True Valor - Do mission 29 playing no more than 5 assault cards and no structures/actions... maybe a deck of Rifter, Hydra, Aegis, and a couple Barrage Tanks. Best commanders for this would be Dalia or Ajax, with Sidoze coming in third best.
One-Hit Kill - Mission 44 is the recommended target and you want to use 3 or 4 orbital cannons, played as early as possible, 3-4 rally buildings of one type (like rally flag or asylum) and then 1 assault card of same type (with rally). Malort's a good commander for this one.
Bloodthirsty Companion - It' gotten by winning an arena match after having both Siphon and Leech activate; it takes some luck to get it, but the prize [Blood Wall] is a great building (wall, 5 health, weaken all 1, wait = 2).
Common Theme - Play 10 common cards in mission 28 or later, this means your ten cards have to all get placed and all be common (commander can be whatever). One strategy that works is playing weak assault cards (Barrage Tanks or Medics can be good) & Orbitals Cannons, but be sure to have at least one card able to kill the enemy commander at the end. Suggested commanders: Sidoze or Ajax.
Nexus Heavy Hitters - Xaedan (a Xeno commander) is the prize, he's useful for certain missions and if you just need a Xeno commander. This achievement is for beating any mission 42 or later after playing at least 1 card from each of the first 4 factions (Imp, Raider, BT, Xeno), it should be reasonably easy to get. Some portion of Aegis/Arc Trooper, Rifter/Apex/Interceptor, Hatchet/Plague Duster(in a raider mission), Hydra/Cannon Walker could work fine.
~Mark (Bahamut685)


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Re: Sethinator's Info

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